Legacy Conquer

Back To The Beginning

We aim to provide a true classic conquer experience. With all the conquer 2.0 (V5213) features. (No Battle Power)!


The server has been coded & tested by some of the best conquer developers.

We Offer The Following Features:

  • True Classic Experience
  • No Battle Power
  • Official Quests
  • Tournaments (Coming Soon)
  • Normal Rates
  • No Dragon Souls
  • We do support garnments, However they are special items!
  • We have a small VIP system in place to help you along.
  • All Items & Monsters
  • We have implemented official databases, so we have all quests exactly like the official servers

We aim to provide every feature you expect for a true classic experience. On our server there are no shortcuts. Put in the time and become powerful. The rates are almost identical to the official servers. However for alpha and beta the rates will be slightly increased.

Welcome our newest player! NoTixxx

What are you waiting for? Download our client, Register your account and join in on the action!